The Bible – Preface

As if the Bible needed a preface…but I want to give an idea of my mindset going into reading the world’s #1 best seller.

First, this is my interpretation and I will be reading it as critically as I would read other books.

Second, that interpretation and criticism will be based on the Bible being proclaimed as the true word of God and as doctrine. That is what I was told in church and, in my opinion, the basis on whether or not it is to be believed and applied to one’s life. Its sovereignty is linked to it being completely true. I will approach it as such.

I will read and post book by book, but with the mindset that each book is one part of the greater book as a whole. The journey will likely be long and constantly changing.

This will of course only log my reaction. I invite any further discussion or interpretation here, on social media or personally. This is designed to be an open journey and open discussion, for which others are inherently necessary.

Genesis is up.

Thank you for reading,



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