Hello, and welcome

Welcome to redagoodbook. This blog will be my thoughts and reactions to different pieces of literature I read in an attempt to improve and increase my own reading, and to offer some kind of insight into how they affect my life.

The first book featured will be The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. The second book will be Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. The third book will be The Bible. I recently finished The God Delusion and, as someone brought up in the Christian faith, it shook me. It made me question. It made me doubt. But as someone brought up to think critically, to look at the world as a whole and not only through my personal sliver of perspective, it liberated me. It inspired me. It made me want to dig into my own faith and see what that faith was really about.

I read Blue Like Jazz in my teens. When I had finished it I claimed it as my own personal Bible. Miller offers up an idea called “Christian spirituality” which, in short, rejected the idea of organized religion and instead focused on a personal relationship with Christ. I liked this idea, but it became a way for me to say I was a Christian without actually doing anything. This type of faith also mirrored a selective type of faith that Dawkins discusses. I thought I was a good person because I was a Christian. Dawkins argues that we don’t need God, or religion, to be moral (I will delve more into this in the next posts). So, was I being a Christian spiritualist or a moral humanist? I needed to re-read Miller’s book to see.

After that will be The Bible. For the purposes of this blog I will reflect on each book therein. Yup, all 66 of them. In the end it doesn’t matter what Dawkins argues or Miller argues. In the end, I figure, if I read the book I was taught about every weekend until I was 17 (but never actually read) then I would know if it was something I believed.

Once that’s done, it may be a Calvin and Hobbes collection so this blog isn’t so heavy.

I’m posting my reactions for two reasons: 1) to give myself a record of my thoughts as I read and 2) hopefully a friend, family member or stranger will see this and it will help them in some way.

Thank you for reading,



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